What We Offer

Private sightseeing transfers between European cities

Europe-Journey provides you with a unique and comfortable way of travelling including sightseeing stops of your choice along the way. Our private local driver will take care of you and bring you comfortably to your destination.

Relying on the assistance of our experienced private driver is less stressful and more cost-effective. For instance, if we think of all the time and tiredness involved in getting a public transport to travel or carry your own heavy luggage between the stations. So we make sure you travel comfortably, safely and fast. Moreover, you have the opportunity to learn about the local culture and visit the most beautiful and interesting places along the way.


Currently you can travel with Europe-Journey between 11 European countries. However, we are constantly trying to expand our business and we are preparing other interesting transfers in other European cities. Stay informed and experience even more!

Fun in City

Europe-Journey created for you a wide range of the top-rated attractions in your final destination and also in the cities around. Above all we make sure you don’t get stuck on the typical tourist path in the city you visit. Discover great places, explore new cultures, get tips on how to spend your time, have fun, relax and enjoy the city through the eyes of a local!

In the country just for a short stay but want to see some of the breathtaking places? Don’t worry, Europe-Journey have you covered with a special selection of one-day sightseeing tours to amazing locations around each country!